Get to Know FBI Cyber: Elvis Chan

Elvis Chan is an assistant special agent in charge assigned to FBI San Francisco. Chan manages the field office’s Cyber Branch, which is responsible for cyber investigations, digital forensics, technical operations, and private sector engagement.

Describe your typical day?

Most of my day is spent sharing information, coordinating activities, or devising strategies and plans to stop bad guys. I may have a meeting with someone who was victimized by a romance scam and then move to a meeting with the CEOs of venture capital firms that manage billions of dollars. The shape of my day says a lot about the nature of the cyber threat and the range of people and organizations affected by it.

What do you see the FBI cyber engagement program looking like in five years?

I think the FBI and the private sector will be working even more closely together than they do now. We collaborate on an ad hoc basis for security incidents, but I believe this will become more systemic as we continue to build trust with each other and realize the benefits of these partnerships.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Elvis Chan

What drives you to do this work?

I joined this organization to make a positive impact on society. What drives me is the desire to do the right thing for the American people. Being given this responsibility is both a privilege and a responsibility.

What do people commonly misunderstand about the FBI Cyber Division?

People don't understand that reaching out to the FBI means they get to tap into another resource. Our agents and analysts have knowledge and experience steeped in past cases and intelligence gathering that can help you and your company make more informed decisions. The FBI’s mission is to protect and serve the American public, and that includes the proactive steps FBI Cyber can take to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities for private sector companies.

What do you love about the FBI?

I love working with the people at the FBI and serving the mission: Protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. Who can't get behind that?