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A Few Bad Apples

A Few Bad Apples

Americans should be able to trust their public servants to use their positions lawfully. That’s why crimes that breach this trust are our top criminal investigative priority.

While thousands of men and women serve the citizens of Indiana with honesty and integrity every day, their work is sometimes overshadowed by the occasional crooked public official. Three examples are former police officers Robert B. Long, Jason P. Edwards, and James D. Davis, who committed the types of crimes they were sworn to uphold.

Here’s how the Indianapolis Division and its partners brought these three men to justice.

In 2008, FBI Indianapolis received information from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) that some of its narcotics officers might be involved in theft or distribution of illegal drugs. The FBI worked closely with IMPD and the Indiana State Police ( ISP) to verify the allegations and then build a case with corroborating evidence. Agents used a wide array of techniques along the way—records checks, physical surveillance, witness interviews, and court-ordered telephone monitoring.

Then investigators asked themselves: Who else might be involved, and how far would these officers go to betray their community? To find out, they developed an undercover sting, using an abandoned building as a fictitious drug stash house where cash and marijuana were stored. The officers took the bait, robbed the stash house, and split up the money. They didn’t realize, however, that FBI agents and officers form the IMPD and ISP were watching—until they were arrested along with their drug dealer. Long and Edwards were convicted on multiple drug charges and received prison sentences of 25 years and 17 years, respectively. Davis pled guilty and received 10 years in prison.

Solving this case sent a message that crookedness in government won’t be tolerated.