August 2, 2023

Seeking Information in Negasi Zuberi (Sakima) Investigation

The FBI’s Portland Division is seeking to identify potential victims of Negasi Zuberi (Sakima), a.k.a. Justin Hyche and Justin Kouassi, who was recently charged with interstate kidnapping in the District of Oregon.

The FBI's investigation has extended to multiple states where Zuberi has previously resided between August 2016 and today. Those states could include: California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, and Nevada.

Sakima has several different methods to gain control of his victims, including drugging their drinks, pretending to be a police officer, and soliciting the services of sex workers and then violently sexually assaulting them. Some of the encounters may have been filmed to make it appear as if the assault was consensual. The victims are threatened with retaliation if they notify the police.

If you and/or your minor dependent(s) were victimized by Negasi Zuberi (Sakima) or have information relevant to this investigation, please fill out this short form.

If you know of someone else who has possibly been victimized by Negasi Zuberi (Sakima), please encourage them to complete the form themselves.

The FBI is legally mandated to identify victims of federal crimes it investigates. Victims may be eligible for certain services, restitution, and rights under federal and/or state law. Your responses are voluntary but may be useful in the federal investigation and to identify you as a potential victim. Based on the responses provided, you may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information. All identities of victims will be kept confidential.