October 6, 2020

Seeking Victims in Identity Theft Investigation

The FBI is seeking victims whose personally identifiable information (PII) may have been misused between September 2018 and the present.

This investigation relates to certain individuals who obtained the PII of numerous individuals through fraudulent means between September and December 2018 and between October and November 2019. The stolen information includes names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses.

The individuals who perpetrated this scheme obtained PII from an online, subscription-only database by falsely stating that they needed the information for a legitimate purpose. They may have then sold the information and used it to open fraudulent bank and credit accounts.

If your PII was misused any time after September 2018, please complete this brief, voluntary questionnaire. It would be useful in the federal investigation and to identify you as a potential victim. Based on the responses provided, you may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information.

The FBI is legally mandated to identify victims of federal crimes that it investigates and provide these victims with information, assistance services, and resources.

Individuals engaged in identity theft misuse victims’ PII in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Financial identity theft, including false charges on credit or debit cards and false bank accounts or credit cards opened in the victim’s name.
  • Tax fraud, which can include filing false tax returns in the victims’ names to fraudulently obtain refunds or credits.
  • Fraudulently obtaining government benefits using the victims’ personal information.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many ways stolen or misappropriated identities can be misused. Learn more about identity theft.