March 9, 2023

Seeking Information in NASGO/ShareNode Investigation

The FBI’s Dallas Division is seeking information in relation to an investigation of NASGO and ShareNode cryptocurrency trading.

Starting in or around June 2018, an entity named ShareNode offered a virtual token called “SNP” through their website ShareNode was founded, owned, and operated by multiple individuals to include James Hardy.

ShareNode was advertised as a side chain of a blockchain called NASGO, through which individuals and businesses could join the ShareNode and NASGO community to create their own token to be traded or used on a sidechain of NASGO. ShareNode advertised mostly via social media, YouTube, and in-person events and often included incentives for individuals or entities who recruited others to buy SNP.

From in or around June 2018 until in or around August 2018, ShareNode advertised that SNP would increase in value by $0.10 for every business which joined the ShareNode community to create a sidechain and token. Around the same time, ShareNode also advertised that holders of SNP could sell their SNP anytime they wanted and that holders of SNP would be eligible to receive a pro rata portion of NASGO’s virtual token, NSG.

If you purchased NSG from an individual or via BITFOREX or purchased SNP, please fill out this short form. Please complete the portion(s) of this questionnaire that pertain to your investment experience. Leave any questions which do not pertain to you blank.

The FBI is legally mandated to identify victims of federal crimes it investigates. Victims may be eligible for certain services, restitution, and rights under federal and/or state law. Your responses are voluntary but may be useful in the federal investigation and to identify you as a potential victim. Based on the responses provided, you may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information. All identities of victims will be kept confidential.