May 11, 2023

寻求有关 HomeX 欺诈的资料 | Seeking Information in HomeX Fraud Investigation

联邦调查局(FBI) 纽约分局在调查 HomeX 的业主和管理人员涉嫌欺诈的过程中寻求资料。根据证人报告,从 2019 年到 2023 年 1 月,HomeX 的业主和管理员利用微信聊天群进行欺诈活动。

HomeX 通过微信上的聊天群提供大量的家用产品和电子产品销售。 每个群的管理员都收到了受害者被误导而向HomeX 投资的大笔付款和存款。向客户承诺,他们将在 30、60 或 90 天内获得与产品相当的退款。大约在 2022 年 12 月,HomeX 的客户和投资者不再收到退款,管理员告知这些群将解散。迄今为止,数百名 HomeX 的客户尚未收到退款。

如果您认为您和/或您的家人遭到 HomeX 业主或管理员的欺诈,或者您了解相关信息,请完整填写以下问卷。



The FBI’s New York Division is seeking information in the investigation of HomeX’s owners and administrators for their alleged fraudulent activities.

Based on witness statements, from 2019 through January 2023, owners and administrators of HomeX utilized WeChat chat groups to conduct fraudulent activities. HomeX offered numerous household products and electronics for sale via several chat groups hosted on WeChat. The administrators of each group received large sums of payments and deposits that the victims believed to be investments into HomeX’s business. The administrators promised the customers that they will be refunded within 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the product purchased. On or about December of 2022, customers and investors of HomeX stopped receiving refunds and were told by the Administrators that the groups will be dissolved. To date, hundreds of HomeX’s customers have not received their refund.

If you believe you and/or your family members have been defrauded by owners or administrators of HomeX, or that you have information pertinent to this investigation, please fill out the questionnaire below in its entirety

The FBI is legally mandated to identify victims of federal crimes it investigates. Victim may be eligible for certain services, restitution, and rights under federal and/or state law. Your responses are voluntary but may be useful in the federal investigation and to identify you as a potential victim. Based on the responses provided, you may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information. All identities of the victims will be kept confidential.