NICS Indices

The NICS Indices contains information on people who are are prohibited from receiving firearms by federal or state law. This information helps the FBI make sure firearms are not sold or transferred to people who are prohibited from receiving them.

Submission Process

Federal, state, local, and tribal agencies have two ways to add, change, add information to, or cancel NICS Indices entries.

  • The first option is the NCIC interface.
  • The second option is by batch data transfer or single entry through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal Internet-based connection.

The contributing agency (CA) must:

  • Make sure information submitted to the NICS Indices is valid and accurate
  • Maintain all source documentation
  • Update NICS Indices information when necessary
  • Remove an individual from the NICS Indices if their prohibitor is no longer valid
  • Respond to individual denial and challenge audits of NICS Indices entries

Privacy and Security of NICS Indices

The NICS Indices includes biographical information. The FBI compares that information with the information provided by the applicant when conducting a NICS background check.

Although contributing agencies provide as much information as possible, the only required biographical fields are full name, date of birth, and gender.

The NICS Indices does not contain medical or sensitive information about individuals prohibited from receiving or buying a firearm.

Can I Nominate Someone to the NICS Indices?

If you are a police officer, mental health professional, or concerned family/friend, you can contact the agency who maintains the documentation on the person who is prohibited from receiving firearms. That agency varies by state. If you have questions on which agency to contact, contact us.

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