Committee Membership List

On October 9, 1998, President Clinton signed into law the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact (Compact) Act of 1998, establishing an infrastructure by which states can exchange criminal records for noncriminal justice purposes according to the laws of the requesting state and provide reciprocity among the states to share records without charging each other for the information.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Council’s chair and vice chair, the chairs and vice chairs of all active committees, and the most recent past chair of the Council. The Executive Committee is convened as needed to discuss complex policy issues prior to the issues being vetted through the Council’s committees and ultimately the Compact Council.

  • Chair: Jason Bright
  • Vice Chair: Charles “Chuck” Murphy
  • Nicole S. Borgeson
  • Maj. Charles “Monty” Coats, Jr.
  • Nicole Cooper
  • Kerry Creach
  • Jeff Cullen
  • Erin Henry
  • Julie A. Lackner
  • Leila McNeill

Sanctions Committee

The Sanctions Committee assesses compliance with Compact provisions and Council rules, procedures, and standards prescribed by the Council; and recommends remedial action for noncompliance.

  • Chair: Julie A. Lackner
  • Vice Chair: Kerry K. Creach
  • Brian Broderick
  • Jeff Cullen
  • Lt. Julia M. Gunderson
  • Ivy McMillan
  • Yeselin Pendleton
  • Sherry Rosin
  • Melanie A. Veilleux
  • Lisa Voss
  • Tiffanie Ward

Standards and Policy Committee

The Standards and Policy Committee assesses technical and performance standards and formulates policies, procedures, and rules regarding the use of the Interstate Identification Index for noncriminal justice purposes.

  • Chair: Leila McNeill
  • Vice Chair: Maj. Charles "Monty" Coats, Jr.
  • Nicole S. Borgeson
  • Brian Broderick
  • Jeremy Hansford
  • Erin Henry
  • Teresa Mucha
  • Charles "Chuck" Murphy
  • Matthew R. Ruel
  • Melanie A. Veilleux
  • Tiffanie Ward

Planning and Outreach Committee

The Planning and Outreach Committee updates and monitors the Council’s strategic plan and bylaws and executes outreach initiatives to increase Compact and National Fingerprint File participation and to expand the Council’s partnerships throughout the entire noncriminal justice community.

  • Chair: Nicole S. Borgeson
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Cullen
  • Shanon Helget
  • Scott Lamp
  • Denise Matthews
  • Leila McNeill
  • Christine Shea 
  • Dane Silcox
  • Rhonda Westbrook
  • Vacant

Dispute Adjudication Committee

Should a dispute arise, the Dispute Adjudication Committee performs preliminary duties that might be necessary prior to an actual hearing.

  • Chair: Jason Bright
  • Vice Chair: Charles "Chuck" Murphy
  • Brian Broderick
  • Julie A. Lackner
  • Leila McNeil​l

Eastern Regional Committee

  • Chair: Charles “Chuck” Murphy, Florida
  • Vice Chair: Nicole Cooper, New York
  • Capt. Brad Arterburn, Kentucky
  • Jenny Braithwaite (Interim), Ohio
  • Nicholas Briggs, Vermont
  • Maj. Charles “Monty” Coats Jr., South Carolina
  • Det. Lt. Christine M. Dorian
  • Lt. Julia M. Gunderson, Virginia
  • First Sgt. L.J. McClung, West Virginia
  • Ivy McMillan, North Carolina
  • Yeselin Pendleton, Tennessee
  • Capt. James Rosanova, Illinois
  • Sherry Rosin, Michigan
  • Matthew R. Ruel, Maine
  • Christine M. Shea, New Hampshire
  • H. Ray Shuler - Federal Criminal Justice Agency Representative
  • Dane Silcox, Connecticut
  • Lisa Voss, Delaware
  • Rhonda Westbrook, Georgia
  • Alec J. Wheaden, Jr., Maryland
  • Vacant, Mississippi
  • Vacant, New Jersey

Western Regional Committee

  • Chair: Kerry K. Creach, Missouri
  • Vice Chair: Erin Henry, Oklahoma
  • Capt. Adam Albright, Louisiana
  • Shawna Backemeyer, Nebraska
  • Nicole S. Borgeson, Utah
  • Jason Bright, Montana
  • Brian Broderick, Federal Noncriminal Justice Agency Representative
  • Jeff Cullen, Wyoming
  • Paula Davis, Alaska
  • Rebecca Duben, North Dakota
  • Shanon R. Helget, Nevada
  • Philip D. Higdon, Hawaii
  • Julie Lackner, Minnesota
  • Scott Lamp, Iowa
  • Wendy Landers, Oregon
  • Denise Matthews, State Noncriminal Justice Agency Representative
  • Nicole Mattox (Interim), Kansas 
  • Leila McNeill, Idaho
  • Teresa Mucha, Colorado
  • Jessica Rodarte, New Mexico
  • Tiffany Stoeser, South Dakota
  • Melanie A. Veilleux, Arizona
  • Tiffanie Ward, Arkansas

As of 3/5/2024