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Leader of Violent California Gang Sentenced

Head of deadly street gang gets multiple life terms on drug and weapons charges.

Financial Fraud

The case of a pastor who embezzled nearly $1 million from his community center.

Alabama Jeweler Sentenced in Federal Court

How an Alabama jeweler got caught pawning his own “stolen” diamonds.

Community Partners Recognized

2014 Director’s Community Leadership Award recipients honored.

Death Notification with Compassion

FBI, Penn State offer online death notification training for first responders.

Justice in Decade-Long Ponzi Scheme

Jail time, restitution ordered for businessman who ran 10-year, $230 million scam.

Oklahoma City Bombing: 20 Years Later

A look back at the deadliest act of homegrown terrorism in the nation’s history.

Endangered Child Alert: Help Us Identify John Doe 29

The FBI is seeking the public’s help in identifying an unknown male who may have information about the identity and whereabouts of a young girl depicted in a series of photos being sexually abused. The abuse may be ongoing. The man, dubbed John Doe 29, is not being accused of abusing the girl, but investigators are hoping to interview him about the location of the victim—the ultimate goal is to rescue the child.

A Ponzi Scheme Collapses

Nearly a dozen fraudsters behind a $40 million scam will be spending time behind bars.

Art Crime Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with the head of the FBI’s Art Crime Team on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Law Enforcement and Race

Director Comey cites ‘hard truths’ and calls for ‘open discussion.’

Former Los Alamos Lab Workers Sentenced

The case of a scientist and his wife who sold some of our nation’s nuclear secrets.

Drug Kingpin Dethroned

International investigation dismantles narcotics trafficking enterprise.

New Most Wanted Terrorist

Somali-born Liban Haji Mohamed is the latest addition to the list.

Human Trafficking Ring Dismantled

Case highlights National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

The Case of the Stolen Stradivarius

The Art Crime Team’s role in the recovery of a rare 300-year-old violin.

Ransomware on the Rise

The malware’s use is increasing, but the FBI and partners are working to combat this cyber threat.

Extreme Case of Witness Intimidation

Inside an extreme case that resulted in justice for six slain victims of a drug trafficker.