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Privacy Impact Assessments

Department of Justice/FBI Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Atlanta Division’s Bank Robbery Database

Background Investigation Contract Services Dictaphone Express

Biometrics-Reviewer Website/Database

Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP) Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI)

Computer Aided Facial Recognition Project

Contract Linguist Automated Support System

DOJ/FBI-DHS Interim Data Sharing Model (iDSM)


Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (E-QIP)

Enterprise Process Automation System (EPAS)

FBI Routine Databases

Fingerprint Identification Records System (FIRS) Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) Outsourcing for Noncriminal Justice Purposes – Channeling

Firearms Information, Registration, & Shooter Tracking Application (FIRST)

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System National Security Enhancements

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System/Next Generation Identification Biometric Interoperability

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System /Next Generation Identification Repository for Individuals of Special Concern

International Biosecurity and Prevention Forum

Internet Tip Line (ITL)

Mortgage Fraud Database

Mortgage Fraud - Property Flipping Database

National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Identity Theft File

National Dental Image Repository

National DNA Index System (NDIS)

National Law Enforcement Data Exchange (N-DEx)

Next Generation Identification - Interstate Photo System

Next Generation Identification - Palm Print and Latent Fingerprint Files

Next Generation Identification – Retention and Searching of Noncriminal Justice Fingerprint Submissions

Philadelphia/Camden High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (P/C HIDTA) Computerized Search Request System

Security Management Information System (SMIS)


Something For Every Child (SOFEC) Database

Staged Accident Data Mining Initiative

Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP)

Voluntary Appeal File