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Prepublication Review Office

Prepublication Review Office

The Prepublication Review Office (PRO) is responsible for the FBI’s prepublication review program based on the obligation of FBI personnel and persons with whom the FBI contracts to safeguard sensitive and classified information from unauthorized disclosures. This obligation is based on statutes, regulations, access and employment agreements, contractual clauses, and the fiduciary relationships into which employees or contractor personnel enter when they are entrusted with such information in the performance of their official duties.

The PRO coordinates the prepublication-review process—preparing the FBI response to each request for prepublication, reviewing the submitted work upon receipt, and screening it to determine if further review is required and by whom. If there is an objection to disclosure of any portion of a work, the PRO notifies the author that the FBI withholds permission to disclose or publish the portions and requests such modifications as may be necessary. If the author submits a corrected portion for further review, the PRO continues to work with the requester until final clearance is authorized.

For further information, please contact:

Prepublication Review Coordinator
Phone: (540) 868-1697
E-mail: FBIPREPUB@ic.fbi.gov


Prepublication Review Office
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