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FBI Jobs—In El Paso and Nationwide

Special Agents

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The FBI is currently hiring special agents. Agent applicants must:

  • Possess a four-year college degree;
  • Have a minimum of at least three years full-time professional work experience;
  • Be in top physical condition;
  • Be available to relocate to any FBI field office;
  • Be between 23 years of age but not older than 36 years of age; and
  • Pass testing, interviews, polygraph, and a thorough background investigation.

For more information, contact Special Agent Michael Martinez, Recruiter, at (915) 832-5373 or Administrative Specialist Cynthia Lujan at (915) 832-5642. More details are available on the FBI Jobs website.

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Clerical, Specialty, and Other Professional Staff Positions

Along with special agents, the FBI depends upon a variety of entry level clerical and professional staff employees. Call Administrative Specialist Terri Castillo at (915) 832-5529 to find out about these job opportunities in El Paso. To apply online at FBI Headquarters and in the 56 field offices and to learn about FBI policies and practices, please visit the FBI Jobs website.

El Paso Honors interns at FBI Headquarters in 2008
El Paso Honors interns at FBI Headquarters in 2008

Honors Internship Program

The FBI established the Honors Internship Program in 1985. The program encourages select college scholars to perform summer internships at one of several Bureau locations, such as FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., major field offices nationwide, or the FBI Academy on the U.S. Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia. The El Paso Field Office is normally allotted one intern per year. Information on this program can be found on the FBI Jobs Student Center website.