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E-mail/Letter Scam (5/25/10)

On May 25, 2010, it was brought to the attention to the Detroit Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Andrew G. Arena’s name was used fraudulently in a e-mail/letter scam.The e-mail/letter claims to be an official “Guarantee of Payment” from SAC Andrew G. Arena, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Recipients are told they have been named the beneficiary of millions of dollars. In this case, the e-mail/letter claims “the International clamp down on Terrorist” has put a hold on the funds. Recipients are directed to send money, within a certain time frame, so the millions of dollars can be released. Additionally, in this particular scam, a second e-mail/letter “100% Payment Guarantee” is attached using the letterhead of a legitimate financial institution. This e-mail/letter also uses the name of SAC Arena and language similar to the first letter.