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Message from the Special Agent in Charge

Message from the Special Agent in Charge

Welcome to the website of the Dallas Division of the FBI. The Dallas Division—one of 56 FBI field divisions across the United States—is responsible for all FBI activities occurring in 137 counties in North Texas and portions of East and West Texas. Our territory of responsibility covers 125,000 square miles and is home to more than nine million people. To get FBI personnel where we need to quickly—and to understand the communities we are sworn to protect—we work not only from our main office in Dallas, but from 12 satellite offices throughout the territory known as resident agencies. As you navigate this site, you can find out more about our resident agency locations and the areas of Texas that they cover.

The FBI today faces many adversaries who choose to threaten our otherwise peaceful and law-abiding society. Yet we have a clear mandate from the American people: protect the national security and suppress crime. The ever-changing dynamics of terrorism, espionage, high-tech crimes, corruption, organized crime, financial crimes, and violent crime present both old and new threats to our peace and security. The FBI is up to the challenge. Every day, the men and women of the FBI’s Dallas Division work to defeat these threats with unparalleled dedication and resourcefulness. In doing so, they are in daily partnerships with hundreds of police officers, other federal agents, and you—the public—to prevent terrorist acts, protect our national secrets, and investigate violations of federal law. While the outcomes of their work cannot always be made public, I assure you that their successes are many. Our country and local communities are safer because of their courageous service.

As you explore our site, I encourage you to learn about our recruiting efforts, our Citizen’s Academy program, recent media releases, and other activities in the public interest. To see even more about the FBI’s history, special initiatives, career opportunities, and breaking news, I invite you to visit the FBI’s main website at www.fbi.gov. Our special agents and professional support employees share your vision of making our country, our state, and our local communities safer. I hope you enjoy your visit to the “virtual” Dallas Division of the FBI.

Diego Rodriguez