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In this complex, globalized, post 9/11 world, our operational partnerships have never been more important to our efforts to protect your communities.

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Today, we work with colleagues at every level of government—local, state, federal, even international—across the law enforcement, intelligence, and first responder communities. We lead and take part in multi-agency task forces, intelligence groups and fusion centers, and public and private sector alliances. A number of our partners literally sit shoulder-to-shoulder with us in FBI space, just as we share our agents and analysts with other agencies. We work closely on joint investigations—sometimes taking the lead, sometimes taking a back seat to others, sometimes contributing equally among many agencies. Our work with our colleagues, in fact, is so intertwined today that it’s often nearly impossible to separate the contributions of one agency—and one nation—from the next.

In Dallas, our major partnerships include:

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    The North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force brings together representatives of 24 local, state, and federal agencies to run down any and all terrorism leads, develop and investigate cases, provide support for special events, and proactively identify threats that may impact the area and the nation.
  • The Dallas Field Intelligence Group is a team of FBI agents and analysts who provide a full range of intelligence support on terrorism and criminal threats.
  • The Northern District of Texas - Securities Fraud Task Force coordinates investigative and prosecutive efforts of a range of agencies, utilizing the expertise of each to combat corporate and securities fraud.
  • The multi-agency North Texas Health Care Fraud Task Force aggressively investigates large scale health care fraud throughout North Texas.
  • The North Texas Mortgage Fraud Working Group fuses the strengths of various law enforcement agencies to maximize investigative efforts against mortgage fraud in North Texas.
  • The North Texas Anti-Trafficking Team (NTATTF) combats human trafficking activity in North Texas and Oklahoma through effective intelligence exchange, regional joint investigations, prosecution at any judicial level, experienced and knowledgeable analysis of human trafficking activity, and high caliber training.
  • The Northern District of Texas Hate Crimes and Civil Rights Working Group holds quarterly meetings to promote increased communication, understanding, and awareness between communities and to provide a regular forum to discuss any issues of interest or concern.
  • The International Corrupt Contract Initiative combats corruption in the awarding of military contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq and the military operations related to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Our partners include the Army Criminal Investigative Command, Defense Criminal Investigation Service, the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigative Division, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of State, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

To battle Cyber Crime, we have a number of key partnerships:

  • Our Cyber Crime Task Force brings together local, state, and federal experts to combat computer intrusions, viruses, and other cyber threats.
  • Our North Texas Regional Computer Forensics Lab is a full-service forensics laboratory and training center devoted entirely to the examination of digital evidence in support of criminal investigations.
  • The Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI), a component of the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Program, is an intelligence-driven, proactive, multi-agency investigative initiative to combat the proliferation of child pornography/child sexual exploitation facilitated by online computers. The mission of Innocent Images is to reduce the vulnerability of children to acts of sexual exploitation and abuse that are facilitated through the use of computers; to support FBI field offices in their efforts to identify and rescue child victims; to support field offices in their efforts to investigate and prosecute sexual predators who use the Internet and other online services to sexually exploit children for personal or financial gain; and to strengthen the capabilities of federal, state, local, and international law enforcement through training programs and investigative assistance.
  • The North Texas InfraGard Chapter is the local arm a national information-sharing alliance between private industry, academia, and government focused on protecting critical national infrastructures in both the online and offline worlds.

We also lead or take part in several major partnerships targeting violent crime:

  • Our Violent Crimes and Major Offenders and Gang Task Force in Dallas combines detectives from local law enforcement agencies with our special agents to pool expertise and resources to proactively identify, disrupt, and dismantle existing and emerging organized gangs and criminal enterprises whose activities affect the area. Its mission is to reduce the impact of the most significant crimes that affect individuals and property.
  • Our Tarrant County Safe Streets Task Force in Fort Worth; East Texas Area Gang Task Force in Tyler; and West Texas Anti-Gang Team combine detectives from local area law enforcement agencies to proactively identify, disrupt, and dismantle existing and emerging organized gangs and criminal enterprises whose activities affect the regions in which the task forces are located.
  • The Innocence Lost Task Force (ILTF) is a national initiative that addresses the growing problem of children forced into prostitution. Since the Dallas metropolis has a high incidence of child prostitution, an Innocence Lost Task Force was established in the Division and works with the Dallas Police Department to identify, investigate, and prosecute organized child prostitution enterprises.