How can screenwriters, authors, and producers seeking authenticity work with the FBI?

If you are a producer, writer, or author who wants to feature the FBI, we may be able to work with you to create an accurate portrayal of the Bureau. We’ve been doing this since the 1930s.

Specifically, the National Press Operations Unit's Long-Form Team in our Office of Public Affairs is a small staff that spends a portion of its time working with producers, authors, screenwriters, journalists, and other industry personnel associated with documentaries, podcasts, magazines, TV programs, and movies. Additionally, the larger office manages national and international publicity for wanted fugitives (including the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives), Most Wanted Terrorists, and missing children, and coordinates other proactive initiatives.

What we need from you:

  • Your name, company name, point of contact, address, email, website, and phone number
  • Acknowledgment whether the project is sold, green-lit, commissioned, or speculative, and by whom
  • A description of how the FBI fits into the project and its relative importance
  • A list of any other outside experts, agencies, or personnel to be included in the project
  • An explanation of FBI characters and actions (what they will be doing)
  • Project description, film script, plot, treatment, or book outline (or book ‘synopsis’)
  • Project status/timeline/production schedule (if known)
  • Specificity regarding questions, cases, procedures, or information needed
  • A list of FBI personnel desired (if known) for interviews or backgrounders (note: please allow ample time for the approval process.)

What we may be able to provide you:

  • Interviews or guidance on content regarding FBI investigations, procedures, structure, and history
  • Information on costumes, props, scenery, and weapons
  • Liaison and coordination with local FBI field offices
  • Coordination of location shots; and,
  • Access to FBI facilities for filming scenes, interviews, or b-roll footage.

Contact Us

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Note: We consider project assistance on a case-by-case basis. We have limited resources and cannot ensure cooperation or offer reviews or critiques.