FBI Tampa
Public Affairs Officer Andrea Aprea
(813) 253-1028
June 17, 2016

FBI Statement on Orlando Shooting

In May 2016, while following up on an unrelated investigative matter, FBI agents made contact with the Lotus Gunworks. During this visit, Lotus personnel advised that there had been an individual who had been in the store days earlier asking about a specific type of body armor. Because the store did not carry that particular style of body armor, it referred this unknown individual elsewhere but was unable to collect any information about him, to include name, date of birth, charge card, telephonic information, or e-mail address. After the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse, Lotus personnel notified the FBI that the unknown individual who had visited their store in May resembled the Pulse shooter. Unfortunately, given the lack of information about this individual, FBI agents were unable to conduct any meaningful investigative follow up.