FBI Seattle
Public Affairs Specialist Ayn Dietrich-Williams
(206) 622-0460
July 20, 2016

FBI in Spokane Testing Additional Letters

The FBI is investigating recent letters delivered to several locations in Spokane containing material not immediately identifiable. There is no information to suggest a specific and credible threat to public safety.

The most recent four letters were received July 20 at the Spokane County Courthouse on 1116 W. Broadway in Spokane, Washington, 99201. After an initial response by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI secured the letters and will subject them to laboratory testing. Initial analysis suggests material contained inside may have mild irritant characteristics. Although there are no initial indications of hazardous materials, the letters will be transported carefully to a lab for complete analysis.

The FBI believes these letters may have been sent by the same individual or individuals who previously sent letters received at the Spokane County Courthouse and other locations in early July. The FBI received laboratory test results for those letters and they did not indicate any hazardous content.