FBI San Juan
Public Affairs Officer Limary Cruz-Rubio
(787) 685-2066
June 14, 2016

FBI San Juan Announces $20,000 Reward for Information Regarding the Maurice Spagnoletti Murder Investigation

Special Agent in Charge Douglas A. Leff of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) San Juan Field Office announced a $20,000 reward offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for the murder of Maurice Spagnoletti.

June 15, 2016 will mark the five-year anniversary in which Doral Bank executive Maurice Spagnoletti was shot several times as he drove home from work in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mr. Spagnoletti was a loving husband and father who is fondly remembered by those he left behind.

Shortly after Mr. Spagnoletti’s death, the FBI began working closely with the Police of Puerto Rico to investigate this matter. Since that date, the FBI and the police have gathered substantial physical and digital evidence, conducted hundreds of interviews and followed up on scores of leads. The FBI and police have also employed a variety of sophisticated techniques to gather more information. Through these efforts, the FBI and the police have obtained and documented a great deal of information about this murder and those who are responsible for it.

The FBI and the police are currently in the final stages of this investigation and are requesting the public’s help. The FBI is seeking information from anyone with knowledge of this matter. The FBI is offering a reward of $20,000 for information that helps bring those responsible to justice.

Additionally, the FBI has been informed that Maurice’s widow, Marisa Spagnoletti, is held a press conference in New York this afternoon. She told the FBI that she is going to take this opportunity to present a substantial reward for information which leads to.

Billboards displaying the $20,000 reward and a photo of Maurice Spagnoletti will begin on June 14, 2016. Anyone having information regarding this case is asked to contact the FBI at telephone number (787) 754-6000 or at www.fbi.gov.

The hearts of everyone at the FBI San Juan and the Police of Puerto Rico go out to the Spagnoletti family.