FBI San Francisco
San Francisco Media Office
August 14, 2020

FBI Statement on the Arrest of a Suspect in the Murder of a 15-Year-Old San Francisco Victim

I’m Craig Fair, deputy special agent in charge of the FBI San Francisco Division. This morning, the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department arrested Fernando Madrigal, aka Nando, for the murder of a 15-year-old victim in the furtherance of gang activity. Our FBI SWAT team participated in the arrest due to the violent nature of the alleged murder. It is our duty to ensure the public’s safety and the safety of all law enforcement officers during the course of an arrest.

This murder was senseless and horrific. The victim, just 15 years old, was targeted because of the neighborhood he lived in. On July 8, 2019, he was shot near his home in the Mission District. SFPD quickly responded and called an ambulance, but the victim was shot in the back and he was not breathing. Despite the efforts of first responders, he was sadly pronounced dead just 10 minutes after the shots were fired.

Today we are alleging that Fernando Madrigal fired these shots. Madrigal is a member of the Mission District Norteños, a local street gang with a long history of violence, murder, drive-by shootings, stabbings, and beatings. We are alleging that Madrigal killed this victim over a meaningless territorial dispute with a rival gang. The FBI Safe Streets Task Force, SFPD Homicide, and the SFPD Gang Task Force have confirmed Madrigal’s gang membership through a series of law enforcement actions, Madrigal’s own statements, and additional evidence we collected from his social media accounts, including his Instagram account. Over the past year, we have investigated this horrific crime, painstakingly examining all the evidence. I want to thank the employees of the FBI, SFPD, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for working tirelessly and carefully to find justice for this victim’s family.

The FBI and SFPD are highly effective partners, dedicated to keeping the city of San Francisco safe. We work hand-in-hand to arrest violent offenders. We will continue to investigate street violence that’s targeting the children of our city, and, disproportionally, communities of color and people who are struggling to get by.

The FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force investigates, pursues, and dismantles violent gangs and criminal organizations that terrorize our streets. We target gang leadership and the most violent offenders in these gangs so that we can make our streets safer. No one should be afraid to walk in their own neighborhood, and no one deserves to lose their son or daughter to gang violence. This level of violence is unacceptable.

This case is ongoing, and our pursuit of violent gangs always continues. If you have any information on violent gang activity, please contact the FBI through tips.fbi.gov or by calling (415) 553-7400. All tips can remain anonymous. Thank you.