FBI San Antonio
FBI San Antonio Press Office
September 14, 2021

Law Enforcement Officials Host Training to Prevent, Disrupt, and Mitigate Targeted Acts of Violence

SAN ANTONIO, TX—Today, September 14, 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), San Antonio Division, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), and the Southwest Texas Fusion Center (SWTFC) initiated a three-day training event which focuses on preventing, disrupting, and managing potential acts of violence in our community. The conference will highlight an innovative and collaborative strategy which goes beyond traditional policing to enhance public safety.

The first two days of the conference will be an FBI-BAU-led national conference focusing on training FBI task force officers and FBI Threat Management Coordinators. This training will focus on the principles of threat assessment and threat management.

The third day of the conference will be the first annual Public Safety Threat Assessment Group (PSTAG) meeting and will be hosted by SWTFC and the FBI. PSTAG is a local San Antonio threat management group, which has met monthly for the last two years. The group has leveraged the efforts of more than 25 federal, state, and local agencies and the business community. The group includes medical first responders, law enforcement, mental health providers, prosecutors, private businesses, the military and other community stakeholders. The PSTAG has been recognized as an effective model for preventing, identifying, and mitigating targeted acts of violence .

The Tri-Weekly Threat Assessment Group (TTAG) meets three times a week and brings together practitioners from specific disciplines to conduct threat assessments, planned responses, threat disruptions, and continued management of potential targeted acts of violence.