FBI Richmond
Public Affairs Specialist Dennette Rybiski
(804) 261-1044
October 30, 2017

Joint-Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team Development

This week, over 18 law enforcement agencies will be attending a training developed by the FBI to assist first responders during the early stages of a child’s disappearance. The training, Joint-Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (J-CARD), will provide the identical training to local, state, and other federal agencies the FBI’s CARD team uses when responding to child abductions. The CARD team, with members across the United States, provides resources during the initial critical stage following an abduction and throughout the investigation. The FBI’s CARD Team consists of investigators and analysts with significant child abduction experience; the Richmond Division of the FBI has three CARD members. J-CARD’s development will create a pool of resources for any agency responding to a potential child abduction, and is expected to improve response time to abductions and increase the chances of recovering a child safely.

This training consists of classroom discussion and will culminate in a field training exercise in the Chesterfield area on Thursday, November 2, 2017.

The media is encouraged to attend the scheduled press conference, at which time Special Agent in Charge Adam Lee will discuss the obvious benefits of this training. Chiefs and sheriffs whose agencies have attended this training will also be available for interview as part of this press conference. The media is welcome to engage in the field training exercise scheduled for November 2, details of which will be provided during the press conference.

The public will notice an increased presence of law enforcement personnel, with investigators conducting “interviews” in and around Chesterfield County. The FBI requests the media provide advanced notification to the public of this field training exercise on Thursday, November 2 so our communities are not alarmed by the police activity.

For planning and security purposes, the FBI requests any media station planning to attend Wednesday’s press conference to please advise Ms. Rybiski via reply e-mail no later than 4 p.m. Tuesday, October 31.