Statement to the Community

February 20, 2015

We are very appreciative of the time and attention that Mayor Hales and the Portland City Council have given to the proposal allowing Portland Police officers to rejoin the JTTF. We work day in and day out with Portland Police on many different levels—from the street to the chief’s office. Together, we address crime problems that affect the people who live and work in Portland: gang crimes, drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, child predators, and more.

Today’s vote to allow Portland Police Bureau to rejoin the JTTF will serve to strengthen that relationship in a critical area—preventing acts of terrorism. We greatly appreciate Mayor Hales’ leadership on this issue and his recognition of the value that the Portland Police Bureau brings to the JTTF. We join him in the belief that we can—together—protect our shared community while upholding the freedoms all Americans enjoy under the Constitution. We look forward to a strengthened partnership with PPB and the city council.

The men and women who make up the FBI share a great deal in common with both their law enforcement partners at PPB and with the people of Portland. We all care deeply that our community stay safe, but also that the people who live, work, and worship here can do so freely and without fear.

- Greg Bretzing Special Agent in Charge, FBI Portland Division