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July 6, 2021

Join Us for the FBI’s Special Agent Recruiting Event for Women!

It’s time to challenge yourself to a new future! The FBI is hosting a recruiting event to introduce women to the special agent position within the Bureau. The event will take place Tuesday, July 27th starting at 6 p.m.

The first 50 registrants can choose to take part in person on the FBI’s Portland campus. Other Oregon registrants—including those outside the Portland metro area—can participate virtually.

All registrants MUST reserve a spot ahead of time by emailing PortlandApplicants@FBI.gov.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about what it is like to serve in the nation’s premier federal law enforcement agency, what the requirements are to apply, and how the FBI helps agents manage work/life balance.

  • Do agents have the possibility of working part-time to help manage raising a family? Yes!
  • In addition to generous leave benefits, can employees can take 12-weeks off for medical emergencies, including the birth or adoption of a child? Yes!
  • Want a job where you have the chance to serve your community, making a better tomorrow for all? Definitely!

Event participants will also have the chance to experience the work of some of the FBI’s specialty groups, including the Evidence Response Team, SWAT, and our fitness instruction program.

Why this emphasis on recruiting women? It is important that the agency represent the people we serve, and that means increasing the number of women who serve in this critical role.

Our special agents bring diverse backgrounds and a wealth of skills to the FBI mission, including the mental acuity, physical stamina, and moral compass required to protect the nation. This is a career where initiative and expertise are essential.

What makes for a competitive candidate? Job applicants must be 23-36 years old, hold at least a bachelor’s degree (if not a higher level degree), have professional work experience, and bring a passion for serving others. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, but the FBI is specifically searching for those working in the fields of science, technology, and math; cybersecurity; education/teaching; health care; law; accounting/finance; and psychology/counseling.

More information on the eligibility requirements, physical fitness requirements, application process, and more can be found at www.FBIJobs.gov.

A video on the role of women in the FBI shows how one person’s unique set of experiences can impact the world around her. A full set of videos that show the application process and how agents are trained can be found on the FBI’s YouTube page at www.YouTube.com/FBI.