February 11, 2016

Local Law Enforcement Roundup Nets Guns, Drugs, and Fugitives

On February 9, 2016, McKeesport Police Chief Bryan Washowich, Allegheny County Sheriff William P. Mullen, and Superintendent Charles Moffatt, together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Pittsburgh Division, took part in a collaborative effort to impact the emerging violence in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. This “Impact Initiative” involved more than 50 law enforcement officers working together on seven impact squads serving local warrants simultaneously, for known offenders, in the most troubled areas of McKeesport, where a recent surge in violent crimes have been prevalent.

The success of this operation is directly attributed to the strong working relationship between the FBI, McKeesport Police Department, Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office, and the Allegheny County Police Department. A total of 21 individuals were arrested and two search warrants executed, which resulted in the recovery of three firearms and an estimated street value of $20,000 worth of prepackaged heroin. This type of impact operation is a model that the FBI envisions using in future operations with other local law enforcement agencies throughout Allegheny County.

McKeesport Police Chief Washowich stated, “Collaboration and intelligent policing are critical in alternative policing strategies. People who commit crimes do not recognize the jurisdictional boundaries, and therefore, we will continue to strengthen our relationships with our local and federal partners in efforts to reduce crime and the fear of crime.”

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gregory D. Nelsen of the FBI Pittsburgh Field Office said, “The FBI is proud to work alongside our state and local partners, and this operation shows the impact coordinated efforts can have on communities.”