FBI Phoenix
Brooke Brennan and Kevin Smith
(623) 466-1999
January 14, 2021

FBI Phoenix Continues to Coordinate with Partners Ahead of Inauguration

Efforts focused on maintaining public safety and protecting constitutional rights

FBI Phoenix is aware of a report over the weekend indicating there may be protests at state capitols leading up to the inauguration on January 20. At this point in time, the FBI has not received any specific and substantiated threat to the Arizona state capitol or other government buildings in our area. However, we are working together with our law enforcement partners to continuously share information based on tips submitted by the public.

As we do in the normal course of business, we are gathering information to identify any potential threats and are sharing that information with our partners. The FBI takes all threats seriously and fully investigates each threat that comes into either our National Threat Operations Center or our local FBI field office.

We continue to work closely and support our state, local, and federal law enforcement partners with maintaining public safety in the communities we serve. Our efforts are focused on identifying, investigating, and disrupting individuals who are inciting violence and engaging in criminal activity.

The FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our focus is not on peaceful protesters but on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) continues to be a mechanism for state, local, and federal law enforcement to work together and share information. The FBI Phoenix JTTF is comprised of more than 35 law enforcement agencies from around Arizona including the Phoenix Police Department, Glendale Police Department, Mesa Police Department, Scottsdale Police Department, Chandler Police Department, Tempe Police Department, Tucson Police, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety, University of Arizona Police, Arizona State University Police Department, U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Arizona, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and FBI Phoenix.

FBI Phoenix holds JTTF Executive board meetings regularly, as we are doing today, as part of our ongoing communications with our law enforcement partners. This type of communication and coordination is important as the FBI continues to work with our law enforcement partners to ensure the safety and security of our communities with our citizens’ constitutional rights and civil liberties front of mind.

We urge people to call FBI Phoenix at (623) 466-1999 or go to tips.fbi.gov to submit tips regarding potential violence at any upcoming protest or event. If you know of an immediate emergency, call 911.

The FBI continues to remain steadfast in our mission to dually and simultaneously protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

We are committed to investigating violent behavior and holding those who violate federal law, responsible.

We will continue to coordinate with our law enforcement partners to protect all of our communities.