FBI Philadelphia
Public Affairs Specialist Sofia Kettler
May 26, 2015

FBI Seeks Public Assistance to Locate ATM Skimming Suspects

The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance to identify and locate the subjects responsible for placing unauthorized “skimming” devices inside ATMs in retail locations in Carlisle and Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Compromised credit and ATM cards were then created by these subjects and subsequently used in the Philadelphia area.

Between March 12 and March 22, 2015, three unidentified white males participated in the installation and removal of illegal card skimming devices in bank ATMs of bank branches located inside of retail stores in Carlisle and Shippensburg. These illegal skimming devices were installed and removed during non-business banking hours but while the retail stores were opened.

Subject number one installed and removed the skimming devices, while subjects number two and number three served as lookouts. These subjects then cloned and compromised credit and debit cards that had been used in the affected ATMs and used the cloned cards to withdraw money from ATMs in and around Philadelphia at various convenience, pharmacy, and retail locations.

The subjects are believed to be driving a newer-model small, white, four-door sedan, with no front license plate.

Pictures of the three subjects and the car they are believed to be driving:

Anyone with information about these subjects is urged to call the FBI at 215-418-4000.