February 22, 2015

Update on Mall of America

A statement from the Bloomington Police Department in partnership with the FBI, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Metro Transit Police and Mall of America:

Federal, state, and local law enforcement partners are aware of the recently released propaganda video that mentions Mall of America, among others. At this time, there is no credible threat associated with Mall of America, but we will continue to work together at all levels to evaluate this and other information as it becomes available.

We take all security concerns seriously and have responded appropriately. Enhanced security measures, to include additional personnel, have been implemented, and all information is being monitored. We will continue to focus on and to prioritize the safety, security, and well-being of our citizens and visitors.

Mall of America remains a very safe place and employs a large, well-trained professional security force that patrols and monitors activity with a 24-hour presence. Bloomington Police have a permanent presence, with dedicated, full-time staffing at Mall of America. Additionally, several other law enforcement agencies maintain a high visibility in and around the property.

To report suspicious activities, contact your local law enforcement agency at 911. For more information on the Department of Homeland Security’s safety and security initiatives, visit http://www.dhs.gov/see-something-say-something.