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June 1, 2016

FBI Milwaukee Ribbon Cutting and Dedication to Fallen Special Agent

On Wednesday, June 1, 2016, the FBI Milwaukee Division hosted a ribbon cutting and dedication of its new home in St. Francis, Wisconsin, in Milwaukee County.

Special Agent in Charge, Robert J. Shields welcomed more than 200 guests that included law enforcement, elected officials, and community partners during the official ribbon cutting of the new FBI Milwaukee Division’s offices, which was highlighted by a special visit from FBI Director James B. Comey. The division moved its Wisconsin headquarters from a commercial complex in downtown Milwaukee to its new standalone facility located at 3600 S. Lake Drive in St. Francis. The facility has increased security protections as well as the latest technologies and efficient use of space to work with its law enforcement partners, investigating a wide range of crimes to include terrorism, complex cyber intrusions, and violent criminal matters.

Another highlight of today’s ceremony was the dedication of the Milwaukee FBI office to honor the memory of Special Agent W. Carter Baum. On April 22, 1934, Special Agent W. Carter Baum was killed in a shootout at the Little Bohemia lodge while investigating the John Dillinger gang hiding out in Northern Wisconsin. SAC Shields announced that the new office of the FBI Milwaukee Division was dedicated to the memory of SA Baum, the only FBI special agent who died in the line of duty in the state of Wisconsin. Family members of SA Baum participated in the ceremony to include the agent’s grandson-in-law Homer Garrison, his granddaughter-in-law Carolyn Sheetz, great grandson Coy Garrison, and great granddaughter Melissa Garrison. Mr. Coy Garrison spoke on behalf of the family, sharing the family’s thoughts of appreciation.

The FBI is honored to have served the people of Wisconsin since 1917. The division started at the historical federal court house on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. In 1925, the division was closed, and its territory was distributed between Chicago and St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1935 the division reopened and operated out of 10 rooms within the Banker’s Building on Wisconsin Avenue. By World War II, the Bureau’s mission of protecting the citizens of the United States became even more vital, resulting in the move back to the historic federal court house on Wisconsin Avenue.

A number of other speakers participated in today’s ceremony that also included U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore. FBI Director Comey told the employees of the Milwaukee Division, “You do this work because you want to do good work with moral content and, as the life and legacy of W. Carter Baum has shown us, you do it at the greatest personal risk, so I thank you for all that you do to keep this community safe, enjoy your new home.”

The FBI Milwaukee Division is the headquarters for all FBI operations in Wisconsin.