FBI Miami
Public Affairs Specialist Jim Marshall
(754) 703-2000
April 21, 2017

Update of Corey Perry Investigation

On March 29, 2017, the FBI announced that a Federal arrest warrant was issued for Corey Dejuan Perry on charges related to crimes against children. This warrant was issued once investigators and prosecutors gathered and analyzed sufficient evidence to obtain probable cause to make an arrest.

Following an intensive multi-state manhunt, Perry was located at a hotel near his relatives in Nashville, TN, last Friday, April 14, 2017. As FBI agents approached his hotel room, Perry shot himself and later died.

Below is the current status of the investigation:

For information about the circumstances of Perry’s death, contact the Nashville Police Department.

An FBI reward offer on April 13th for information about Perry’s whereabouts resulted in several tips from the public. We thank the public for their tips; however, Perry was located as the result of sophisticated investigative techniques. Information about these techniques will not be released.

The FBI and its partners continue to look into whether Perry received any assistance while a fugitive.

Further, the Palm Beach School District Police Department, the West Palm Beach Police Department, and the FBI continue the child pornography portion of this investigation.

So far, numerous victims have been identified. Further information about the victims to include exact numbers, ages, locations, etc., will not be released.

At this time, the FBI has no reason to believe anyone else worked with Perry in regards to the child pornography charges. It should be noted that investigators are still reviewing evidence and conducting victim/witness interviews.

The investigation of the child pornography charges includes the identification, notification, and offering of services to victims.

If any parent or guardian believes their children may have had electronic/social media contact with Perry, they are urged to contact the FBI at 754-703-2000 and preserve such devices/communications for review by investigators.

Court documents related to this investigation remain sealed. For further information, contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

No sound or interviews are being offered at this time. No further information is available at this time.