September 21, 2018

Deceased Hate Crimes Subject Identified

Alexander Carballido, 40, of Miami, Florida, died yesterday evening in the vicinity of 72nd Avenue and NW 7th Street, Miami, Florida, following an exchange of gunfire with officers from the City of Miami Police Department (MPD), Miami Dade Police Department (MDPD), and agents of the FBI. There were no injuries to the public or law enforcement.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating this officer-involved shooting.

Carballido was the subject of a multi-agency hate crime/assault/armed robbery investigation involving a recent home invasion in Miami, Florida. Based on evidence from the above-mentioned crimes, investigators believed that Carballido committed these acts based upon the victim’s actual/perceived sexual orientation (Title 18 USC Section 249).

The FBI deemed Carballido an imminent threat to public safety.

During the early evening hours of September 20, FBI agents and officers from the City of MPD and MDPD were searching for Carballido in southwest Miami Dade County to arrest him. Carballido was eventually located in a car nearby when a pursuit ensued. The pursuit ended at 72nd Avenue and NW 7th Street, where Carballido was fatally wounded.

The MPD, MDPD, and the FBI continue their investigation.

No further information or details are available at this time.