FBI Memphis
Public Affairs Officer Elizabeth Clement-Webb
April 28, 2023

FBI/TBI Special Agents vs. Athletes Event at Clarksville Christian School

High school students at Clarksville Christian School had an opportunity to compete against FBI and TBI special agents in a push-up and sit-up challenge, obstacle course, and more, at the Agents vs. Athletes event. Students learned what it takes to be part of a team that helps keep our state and country safe.

“We enjoyed partnering with the FBI and TBI to educate our students and teachers about law enforcement and what they do for the betterment of our community. What a unique opportunity for our high school students to see firsthand how special agents communicate, compete, and train!” Chuck Cooper, Director of Student/Campus Life

Download the FBI Physical Fitness Test app today and train like a Special Agent FBI Physical Fitness Test App — FBI. The app provides a fun and interactive way to learn about how the FBI’s Physical Fitness Test is administered and scored.

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