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June 7, 2016

Lynch, Kentucky Chief of Police Arrested on Drug and Weapon Charges

Last Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Kentucky State Police (KSP) arrested Lynch, Kentucky Chief of Police Jackie Keith Stewart following a federal indictment on conspiracy to distribute cocaine, cocaine base, methamphetamine, and suboxone; conspiracy to distribute cocaine; and sale of a firearm to a known convicted felon. Also arrested and indicted on the same charges was Rettie D. Morris, the girlfriend of Stewart.

Last July, the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Offices for both districts of Kentucky, identified corruption as the number one criminal threat in Kentucky. The FBI pledged to root out corruption at all levels and begin the long process of cleaning up Kentucky.

As evidenced today, as well as in March and June of this year with other corruption arrests, we are seeing the fruits of our labor. No matter what position is held or what title is carried—whether the town dog catcher or those in the highest levels of government—we will find corrupt Kentucky officials and hold them accountable.

Today is another step in our effort to clean up Kentucky.