FBI Little Rock
Acting Public Affairs Officer Jessica Franklin
June 16, 2020

FBI Little Rock Seeks to Educate Community and Law Enforcement Partners on Civil Rights Investigations

LITTLE ROCK, AR—In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the resulting state-wide protests in Arkansas, FBI Little Rock is urging community groups and law enforcement agencies to sign up for an FBI training course focused on federal civil rights and “Color of Law” investigations. This course, developed by the FBI and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, educates law enforcement agencies and community members on the FBI’s role in investigating federal “Color of Law” violations. There is no charge for this course, and our previous trainings hosted throughout Arkansas are consistently highly rated and well received by many participants. Our presentation seeks to dispel misconceptions, facilitate constructive dialog, and increase cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

The FBI is the primary federal agency responsible for investigating allegations regarding violations of federal civil rights statutes. These laws are designed to protect the civil rights of all persons—citizens and non-citizens alike—within U.S. territory. Using cutting-edge investigative and intelligence capabilities, the FBI works closely with its partners to prevent and address hate crimes, color of law violations, and other civil rights offenses.

If you are a community leader, we urge you to contact the FBI and schedule a “Color of Law” presentation for your organization. Our presentation typically takes around 2 hours and is conducted by FBI agents who are veterans in investigating federal civil rights violations. Our training is interactive and encourages audience members to share thoughts and perspectives on real-world case studies. To schedule a training, please call the FBI Little Rock Field Office at 501-221-9100 and ask for the Community Outreach Specialist.