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December 15, 2015

Seventeen Panola Residents Indicted, Nine Arrested in Operation Bite Back

The FBI arrested nine Northern Mississippi residents this morning on a wide range of state and federal charges. SWAT teams from the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics teamed up with three additional FBI SWAT teams in Panola County to make the arrests.

Seventeen individuals were included in the total operation; However, two were picked up from local authorities on federal writs, six were previously indicted on state charges stemming from this operation and have since bonded out, and the remaining nine were arrested this morning.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs, after gathering intelligence on their suspected criminal activity from local law enforcement and community members weary of the violence in their neighborhoods.

The indictments in both the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi and Mississippi’s 17th circuit court district charge the 17 suspects on a variety of violations ranging from child endangerment, possession of stolen firearms, narcotics sales, and felon in possession of a firearm to possession of counterfeit currency.

“Many cities across the country have success pooling resources with Federal and State agencies to fight and control gangs and gang-related violence,” said Donald Alway, special agent in charge of the FBI in Mississippi. “It’s our intent that this operation will be the start of that here in Panola and surrounding counties.”

The suspects were booked into appropriate detention facilities and will, or have already, made initial appearances on the charges. Federal and state prosecutors worked together to determine which charges would face the stiffest penalties and charged them accordingly.

The FBI and United States Attorney’s Office are partners in the Department of Justice’s Safe Streets and Violent Crime task forces, comprised of a team of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies working together to keep communities safer.

The FBI Jackson’s Oxford Resident Agency is leading the investigative effort in this case, with assistance from the Batesville Police Department and the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.

The following is a list of those arrested and the associated charges in Operation Bite Back:

  • Lyndon Mosely, Jr. (24)
    • distribution of crack cocaine
  • Edward House (39)
    • distribution of powder cocaine and distribution of crack cocaine
  • Joshua Cannon (25)
    • cocaine possession
  • Anand Vijay Shegog (39)
    • sale of a controlled substance
  • Mondarious Armstead (23)
    • public drunkenness; receiving stolen property; possession, sale, transfer of stolen firearm
  • Gregory B. Andrews (22)
    • distribution of powder cocaine (2x)
  • D’lirian Case (18)
    • attempting to pass counterfeit currency; passing counterfeit currency
  • Janicholas Vankeith Scott (34)
    • sale of cocaine
  • James Mosely, Jr. (26)
    • robbery, sale of cocaine, presenting false cocaine in state
  • George Todd (23)
    • attempting to pass counterfeit currency
  • Dedrick Ivery (39)
    • possession of controlled substance; child abuse; firearm enhancement; felon possession of firearm in the proximity to school/church
  • Antonio Johnson (28)
    • possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell
  • Xavier Hooks (25)
    • felon possession of firearm; possession of a stolen firearm
  • Kevin Windfield (37)
    • sale of a controlled substance
  • Elgin Lamar (38)
    • possession of controlled substance (x2); possession of controlled substance with intent to sell; child endangerment (x2)
  • Deon Smith (20)
    • passing counterfeit currency
  • Stanley Coleman (40)
    • sale of cocaine (x4)