April 11, 2023

Multiple Agencies Warn of Posting Threats to Schools

Launch digital billboard campaign to combat school threats in the El Paso area

EL PASO, TX— In a continued effort to address the alarming surge in social media threats directed towards El Paso schools, the FBI El Paso field office, along with our law enforcement and prosecutorial partners, launched a public awareness campaign to educate the public about the consequences of making threats of violence to schools.

On April 10, ten digital billboards began showing the new PSA campaign asking the public to “Stop Threats to Our Schools, Before We Respond” with a uniformed officer from each law enforcement agency that protects El Paso County. A call to action to the community to report threats to the El Paso Police Department App or call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

These billboards will run until June 11.

The billboards in these areas will have the PSA:

  • Zaragosa & George Dieter facing South
  • Sunland Park & Doniphan
  • Dyer & Hercules
  • Lee Trevino & Rojas
  • Executive & Mesa
  • Alameda & Delta
  • Dyer & Diana
  • Montana & McRae
  • Zaragosa & George Dieter facing North (starting on April 24)
  • Viscount & I-10 (starting on April 24)

In 2022, there were almost 6000 school threats reported to the FBI, which is a 60% increase from 2021. Across El Paso, law enforcement agencies are diverting resources to address a minimum of three threats a day from each school across region 19 school districts.

Any member of the community can report threats to law enforcement in many ways. If there is an immediate threat to life, please call 911. You can also download the “El Paso PD” app to text tips and receive alerts. The FBI can also receive tips at tips.fbi.gov or at (915) 832-5000.

El Paso School Threats Billboard