FBI Denver
Public Affairs Specialist Vikki Migoya
February 26, 2018

Seeking Victim Information in Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors Investigation

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation into Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors and its related individuals and entities. Given the public response to the investigation, the FBI is developing a questionnaire to assist with the investigative process. Anyone who believes they may be a victim or who has valuable information can fill out the questionnaire. If you believe you are a victim, please e-mail your contact information to sunsetmesa@fbi.gov and we will e-mail you the link to the questionnaire once it is available online.

The FBI will contact individuals that it believes may have information relevant to this investigation. The FBI will be testing a select set of cremains (ashes) as determined by the investigation. The FBI Lab, or any other lab that may be used, likely cannot test for DNA to determine if cremains are from a specific deceased individual (decedent). Testing will only determine whether cremains are a foreign substance or from the cremation of a human. At this time, the FBI cannot commit to testing all cremains that were received from the individuals in question. The FBI is working with Colorado Mesa University to find a testing option for other cremains from the public. Please fill out the questionnaire and wait for someone to contact you. There is a large amount of information to process and the investigation could take some time. Thank you for your patience.

You may call 1-833-432-4873 and select Option 6 for up-to-date information.