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September 20, 2021

Investigators Continue Efforts in Cold Case Review

LEXINGTON, SC—Special Agents and Analysts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team along with Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) investigators continue to seek new clues in the 35-year-old case of 4-year-old Jessica Gutierrez. Investigators began reviewing the 3,100-page case file with LCSD investigators approximately six months ago.

Last week, the team traveled to Lexington County to begin scouring the area and logged approximately 4,700 work hours since starting last Monday. They will continue the review through next week. So far, the team has covered more than 125 leads.

These efforts included re-interviewing neighbors, associates, and friends who lived or worked in the area back in 1986. The renewed efforts span 10 FBI field offices in nine separate states as far away as California. Two FBI Profilers who deploy with the FBI’s CARD team are also in town assisting.

Most all of those individuals contacted and re-contacted by law enforcement have been cooperative, even though it can be challenging to recall information from so long ago.

Gutierrez disappeared from her home on June 6, 1986, and has not been seen since. Those who used to work or live in that area of Lexington County in 1986 and have not spoken to police are asked to call the LCSD at 803-785-2457.

Photo of Jessica Guttierez