FBI Atlanta
Public Affairs Specialist Jenna Sellitto
(770) 216-3162
April 27, 2023

Individuals Spoofing Law Enforcement Phone Numbers to Scam Victims

ATLANTA, GA—FBI Atlanta is warning the public about a phone scam where individuals are posing as university or college law enforcement officials by calling potential victims regarding outstanding warrants or fines against their children and asking them for payment. The scammers are using spoofed law enforcement phone numbers, along with the names, positions, and addresses of officers. The scam is largely targeting parents or guardians of students at Georgia universities.

The following is a list of suspicious activity to look out for related to this scam.

  • Calls from local law enforcement stating an individual has fines for outstanding warrants.
  • Calls from local law enforcement stating the court is holding the individual in contempt for failure to appear for jury duty.
  • Calls from local law enforcement stating an individual has been placed under a “gag order” and is not allowed to speak with anyone else regarding the matter.
  • Calls from local law enforcement demanding you remain on the line until the “bond” is paid.
  • Requests for monetary gift cards (visa/green dot etc.) bank deposits, and voucher purchases to clear court fines or avoid jail time.
  • Requests for videos or pictures of individuals conducting a personal strip search of themselves to clear court fines or avoid jail time.

If you receive a voice-mail from law enforcement demanding a call back, do not respond. Instead, call your local police department’s general phone number or go in person to verify the call. Please remember, law enforcement will never call you if you have an arrest warrant for missing jury duty, nor will they ask you to send money for any reason.

If you believe you have been a victim of this scam or other fraud activity, please contact FBI Atlanta at 770-216-3000 and file a complaint with the FBI at www.IC3.gov.