Items and Artifacts in David Parker Ray Case

The Albuquerque FBI in 2011 released hundreds of images of items that were collected during the investigation of David Parker Ray. The New Mexico man died in state prison in 2002 while serving a sentence of more than 223 years in connection with kidnapping and other charges involving two women who said he sexually tortured them at his residence near Elephant Butte Lake. Numerous searches have been conducted over the years based on suspicions Ray may have killed several unidentified victims. Ray claimed to have abducted about 40 victims from several states. No bodies have been found.

The FBI believes some of the items, which include jewelry and clothes, may have been taken from victims and is asking the public to see if they recognize any of the items.

“The FBI, along with its law enforcement partners in New Mexico, is aggressively pursuing several leads in the search for remains of any possible victims of David Parker Ray,” said Frank Fisher of the Albuquerque Field Office. “We are asking family and friends of missing people to look over these photographs and contact us if they recognize any of these items.”