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Engaging Students and Young People

Engaging Students and Young People

Students from the Fitton Family YMCA summer program learn
how to dust for fingerprints

The FBI has a number of programs that enable us to work with young people in the community and their schools to help create positive role models, to develop academic and social skills, and to prevent crime, drug, and gang associations. All of the models are based on FBI volunteers acting as mentors to at-risk students while stressing getting a good education, living healthy and drug-free, and abstaining from violent and criminal behavior.

Some of the FBI’s programs for young people include:

Adopt-A-School Program

This program helps students improve academically and develop into good citizens. Through the Adopt-A-School Program, FBI employees volunteer as tutors or mentors at elementary, middle, and/or high schools in the community. Volunteers work with students to help them raise their personal expectations and improve their school performance while also demonstrating firsthand the positive role the FBI plays in their communities.

The Adopt-A-School Program also provides positive law enforcement role models who partner with at-risk students to offer encouragement, guidance, and ways to improve academic and social attitudes.

Junior Special Agent Program

A student enjoys the Junior Special
Agent program

The Junior Special Agent Program is a structured program, often lasting several weeks, that gives students an inside look at today's FBI. This program seeks to improve students' school performance and attendance while encouraging a positive self-image, good decision making, and a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Students hear from FBI agents and other presenters about the daily work of the Bureau. Sessions may include presentations about the FBI’s history and mission, investigative priorities, applicant recruiting, and victim assistance. Students may also receive hands-on demonstrations by our Evidence Response Team and SWAT team.

The division recently partnered with Project GRAD Cincinnati to conduct a Junior Special Agent program for 4th and 5th grade students at the Ethel M. Taylor Academy.

FBI Teen Academy and Youth Leadership Academy

These programs allow the Cincinnati FBI office to partner with local schools or community groups to teach students about the FBI and our work in the community. At the same time, participants learn about important values such as good citizenship and leadership, about the importance of education, and about making good choices. The Teen Academy is similar to the Junior Special Agent program, but focuses on junior and senior high school students. The participants often are given presentations by FBI agents on the role of the FBI and on the Bureau’s mission and operations.

In Columbus, special agents and professional staff are working with students at the Columbus Global Academy to host an FBI Teen Academy. The group meets once a month to learn more about the role of the FBI, important local investigations, and future career opportunities.

For more information about FBI programs for students and young people, please contact the Cincinnati community outreach specialist at (513) 421-4310.