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Corruption Contracting

Contracting Corruption Questionnaire

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are strongly encouraged to call or e-mail the FBI at birmingham@ic.fbi.gov.

I. Public Contracts
A. Corrupt Benefits to a Public Official

  1. Are you aware of contracts being awarded to a corporation or a business that directly or indirectly benefits a public official?
  2. Are you aware of any individuals or businesses giving a campaign contribution to a public official while that individual or company was specifically seeking a government contract, or immediately after receiving a government contract?
  3. Are you aware of any public official who owns a stake in a company that was awarded a contract while that official maintained the ability to control or influence the contract award?
  4. Are you aware of any contracts that were awarded to a company owned by a public official, or awarded to a company employing a family member or close associate of a public official?
  5. Are you aware of any individuals or businesses offering a lucrative private-sector job to a public official who interacted with that company in an official capacity?

B. Coercion, Bribery, and Extortion

  1. Are you aware of any public-sector or private-sector individuals, businesses, or corporations being coerced, bribed, or extorted by public officials for a thing of value in return for receiving or retaining government contracts?
  2. Are you aware of any public official demanding that a company hire a specific company as a subcontractor?
  3. Are you aware of any claims of a "pay-to-play" environment, whereby money or something of value must be paid to obtain a contract?
  4. Are you aware of any long-standing public contracts that have not been evaluated under standard contracting procedures for the periodic re-solicitation of competitive bids?

II. Non-Competitive Activities

A. Abuse of Contracting Authority

  1. Are you aware of any no-bid contracts or emergency bid contracts for goods and services being routinely awarded to the same bidders when other potential bidders exist?
  2. Are you aware of the awarding of any sole-source contracts even though the requests for proposals (RFPs) did not specify proprietary information or products, and did not include other terms and conditions justifying the solicitation of only one supplier?
  3. Are you aware of collusion among companies taking turns submitting the lowest bid during the competitive bidding process?
  4. Are you aware of any claims that contracting officials intentionally limit the contract specifications so that only particular companies can meet the contract requirements?
  5. Are you aware of any contracting officials who justify the use of sole-source contracts or other alternative bidding procedures when competitive sources and specifications are available?