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Our Partnerships


In this complex, globalized, post 9/11 world, our operational partnerships have never been more important to our efforts to protect your communities.

Stock image of colleagues around a conference tableToday, we work with colleagues at every level of government—local, state, federal, even international—across the law enforcement, intelligence, and first responder communities. We lead and take part in multi-agency task forces, intelligence groups and fusion centers, and public and private sector alliances. A number of our partners literally sit shoulder-to-shoulder with us in FBI space, just as we share our agents and analysts with other agencies. We work closely on joint investigations—sometimes taking the lead, sometimes taking a back seat to others, sometimes contributing equally among many agencies. Our work with our colleagues, in fact, is so intertwined today that it’s often impossible to separate the contributions of one agency—and one nation—from the next.

In Birmingham, our major partnerships include:

  • The North Alabama Joint Terrorism Task Force’s (NAJTFF) was created in 2002 to prevent, detect, deter, and investigate attacks committed by domestic and international terrorists in the Northern District of Alabama. The multi-agency task force investigates all terrorist-related criminal activities, including the acquisition of funds, weapons, explosives, false IDs, and other materials. It works with representatives of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as the private sector, to establish appropriate responses to terrorist attacks. The task force also trains and exercises with local community first responders to ensure that all agencies are prepared to respond to an incident involving weapons of mass destruction.
  • Stock image of colleages standing shoulder to shoulderThe Birmingham Field Intelligence Group strives to optimally position the FBI to meet current and emerging national security and criminal threats by proactively aiming core investigative efforts against these threats. It creates and sustains enterprise-wide intelligence solutions and human and technical capabilities and provides useful, relevant, and timely information and analysis to the FBI, to homeland security partners, and to the intelligence and law enforcement communities.
  • The Birmingham Cyber Crime Squad works with local, state, and federal experts to combat computer intrusions, viruses, and other cyber threats. The squad is very active in the local chapter of InfraGard, a partnership between private industry and the government that facilitates the direct exchange of information.
  • Our Violent Crimes/Gang Safe Streets Task Force in Birmingham combines detectives from local law enforcement agencies with our special agents, pooling expertise and resources to proactively identify, disrupt, and dismantle existing and emerging organized gangs and criminal enterprises in the area.