Gambling on Sporting Events

September 10, 2010

Sports gambling can be a concern for the FBI…

Audio Transcript

Ms. Ballew: Sports gambling can be a concern for the FBI…

Mr. Johnston: “It’s been a traditional mainstay for organized crime groups in this country and now globally.”

Ms. Ballew: Supervisory Special Agent Charles Johnston, of the La Cosa Nostra Unit at FBI Headquarters, says it may seem like an innocent activity, but betting on sporting events can be a federal offense.

Mr. Johnston: “It continues to be illegal to use the wires, whether it’s a phone or the Internet, to transmit wagering information, whether that be the teams that you’re betting on or the dollar amounts.”

Ms. Ballew: With the rise of Internet gambling…

Mr. Johnston: “It’s also illegal for U.S. businesses to remit money to offshore gambling businesses.”

Ms. Ballew: New trends regarding Internet gambling are related crimes like credit card theft and fraud, identity theft…

Mr. Johnston: “Money laundering, tax violations, and ultimately, when those bets aren’t paid, there’s extortionate threats, and there’s other threats for collection on those debts.”

Ms. Ballew: The FBI trains those in professional and collegiate sports to be aware of these issues. I’m Deni se Ballew of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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