Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

June 25, 2010

Learn how the FBI’s International Corruption Unit and a special squad at the Bureau's Washington Field Office is combatting foreign corrupt practices.

Audio Transcript

Ms. Ballew: FCPA—four letters you need to be aware of if you’re doing business in the international marketplace.

Mr. Chadwick: “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is essentially when an American business or an American individual is paying a bribe to a foreign public official to retain business or to obtain business.”

Ms. Ballew: Thomas Chadwick, chief of the FBI’s International Corruption Unit, says a range of industries are vulnerable.

Mr. Chadwick: “Anything from construction to pharmaceuticals, pretty much any industry is open for this sort of violation.”

Ms. Ballew: The FBI’s Washington Field Office set up a special squad that aggressively investigates this crime. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jean Andersen says penalties range from large fines to prison terms.

Ms. Andersen: “Based on the many FCPA convictions, one of the biggest successes is the increase in the number of companies that are voluntarily coming into DOJ to self-report wrongdoings.”

Ms. Ballew: These companies know they’ve done something wrong…

Ms. Andersen: “Want to get it put behind them so they can move forward in a law-abiding manner.”

Ms. Ballew: I’m Denise Ballew of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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