Agent Describes Aspects of Israel Keyes Case: Keyes Was Very Meticulous

August 13, 2013

Anchorage FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden, in an interview, described some of the aspects of the Israel Keyes case. Goeden, along with other FBI agents, Anchorage Police detectives, federal prosecutors, and law enforcement partners, conducted over 40 hours of interviews with Keyes.

Audio Transcript

Keyes was very meticulous, his crimes were very well thought out, there was nothing that was spur of the moment or he just went out one day and decided to do something. Everything was meticulously planned, and our interviews with him were the same from his standpoint. I never got the sense that he accidentally told us something or got angry and riled up and something flew out of his mouth. My sense was that he knew every time he came in kind of what he was going to give us that day.

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