Agent Describes Aspects of Israel Keyes Case: He Came to Terms with Who He Was

August 13, 2013

Anchorage FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden, in an interview, described some of the aspects of the Israel Keyes case. Goeden, along with other FBI agents, Anchorage Police detectives, federal prosecutors, and law enforcement partners, conducted over 40 hours of interviews with Keyes.

Audio Transcript

He said that it was in his early 20s, mid 20s, that he really came to terms with who he was, recognizing that he was different then other people and that he had these urges and that there wasn’t… he tried to initially blame it on Satan and religious things on why he was like this and a number of different things and then he ultimately realized that that’s just who he was and he accepted that. I think that as he began to do that, it became easier for him to do. He enjoyed—he talked about enjoying the fact that he was two different people and really being able to play that off and that people had absolutely no idea what he was doing. He even referenced times where he would be at his job when he was living in Washington and people would talk about criminals and how stupid they were and how they did this to get caught or that to get caught, and how he enjoyed those kinds of conversations because people had no clue was he was doing.

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