FBI, This Week: 2017 NIBRS Crime Data Released

December 13, 2018

The National Incident-Based Reporting System's latest report reveals detailed data about more than 6 million crimes committed during 2017.

Audio Transcript

Mollie Halpern: An FBI report reveals detailed data about more than 6 million crimes during 2017.

The National Incident-Based Reporting System, known as NIBRS, provides information about victims, offenders, and the relationships between them, as well as arrestees and drug offenses.

The NIBRS data comes from nearly 7,000 of the more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the country.

Section Chief Scott Rago says a transition from the current Summary Reporting System to NIBRS will provide a more fulsome picture of the country’s crime. 

Scott Rago: NIBRS answers the who, what, where of crime and helps law enforcement to allocate resources more strategically to prevent and fight crime.

Halpern: NIBRS will become the national standard for collecting crime data by January of 2021.

Rago: Momentum for the move to NIBRS is increasing in many ways. Some states are enacting new laws to require their law enforcement agencies to submit crime data using NIBRS.

Halpern: Read the report at fbi.gov. With FBI, This Week, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.

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