FBI, This Week: High School Class Collaborates with FBI Profilers

December 7, 2018

Special agents with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Units—popularly known as profilers—collaborated with Tennessee high school sociology students on their classwork on a macabre series of unsolved murders.

Audio Transcript

Mollie Halpern: Special agents with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Units (BAU)—popularly known as profilers—give high grades to Tennessee high school sociology students.

At the invitation of the FBI, the teens had a rare opportunity to present their classwork on a macabre series of unsolved murders to agents who get inside the minds of serial killers to examine their behavior and motivations. 

BAU Agent 1: Many of them mentioned how they had thought about this case even when they were on their free time outside of the school. So it's great to see their dedication.

Halpern: That was one of the supervisory special agents. Another one said:

BAU Agent 2: Anytime you have a high school class like this that's taking the time, energy, and effort and putting it into a project, it gives me hope for the future that there's another generation coming up behind us of dedicated professionals who will take this kind of work seriously.

Halpern: One the students, Kayla Vandeventer, says the agents’ feedback was inspirational.

Kayla Vandeventer: We never expected when we stepped in that room on the first day that we’d end up at the FBI, but I think it shows just how much work we put into this case and just how much we care about these victims.

Halpern: Learn more about FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Units at fbi.gov. With FBI, This Week, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.

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