Special Agent A.B. Recalls 9/11

August 26, 2021

Special Agent A.B. worked near Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and served as the liaison between the FBI and the New York City mayor’s office on victims’ issues.

Audio Transcript

When I walked outside, I remember the acrid smell in the air. And I could see the smoke from where I lived uptown. I could see straight south on Third Avenue and I could see the smoke billowing.

And I proceeded to the FDR Drive to head south and I'll never forget the eerie feeling of being the only car on the FDR Drive.

And I came around the bend. There were thousands of people covered in ash walking north on the FDR Drive, and me driving south. And that was it. And it was the scariest feeling.

And I remember driving into 26 Federal Plaza and going up to the floor that I worked on and agents were congregated around. And they were giving out assignments. And they decided that anyone who had been in the office already that morning was going to stay until midnight. And anyone who was just now reporting or wasn't in yet was going to be told to go home and come back at midnight.

By that time both towers had fallen.

There was a foot of ash everywhere.

There were people in ash, crying. It was snowing papers and ash.

And I realized that the next few months of my life belonged to this investigation and the FBI.

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